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Would you prefer a better approach to analyze your business data and predict future customer behavior? Or, would you prefer to optimize your manufacturing operations using the current infrastructure and supply chain, and get better return on investment? We have turn-key applications to move forward.

Diana Kanecki, DM, MBA, ACS, Bio. Sci.




 A Better Way to Make Mobile Apps with KNext

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Adventure Game - Gender Spy

Graphic User Interface




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Adventure Romance


Non-Graphic User Interface with KNext Process

Adventure Romance 

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Are you interested in making life easier and better? We have developed various software to help with this, the software was developed to solve a need that we have and we would like to others solve needs as well. As an affiliate and reseller, you can help others and get a commission ranging from $10.00 to $150,000.00.


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On These Products and Others

IP - Ultimate Encryption

App - Strategy Analyzer

IP - Kryptonite Mobile

App - Kryptonite 3r4

App - KPersonality Analyzer (Win - EN / ESP)

App - KPersonality Analyzer (Mac - EN / ESP) 

App - Java Game Developer

Server / Cloud - FCS Cytopro Java r4

App - Categorical Questionnaire Maker 






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Our Newest Medical Computer Aided Diagnosis(CAD)


Accurate, Fast, Portable MRI Analysis

for Oncology (Cranial, Abdomen, Mammography)


In first research field test, over 95% accurate for cranial and abdominal MRI and over 85% accurate for mammography with N=1000 patient samples.


Portable / Research Analysis



Site Based / Research Analysis



Patient Clinical Analysis


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Also, we support the transkids purple rainbow foundation


Our Newest Product - Kryptonite 3 r4 - 2015

"Professional / Ultra High Level Protection for Your Files"  



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    Are Concerned About Your Credit Card Information?

    Call me, Legal Shield Identity Theft may help.   






    Special Note - Transgender Day of Remebrance, November 20th.
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    Isis (Greek Mythology - Four Segment Approach)  Development

    Open Source Project to Mitigate the Effects of Malware

    in Development and in Existing Systems 




    Isis (Greek Mythology - Four Segment Approach ) Diana

    Epistemological Reasoner / Situational Intelligence





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                To provide management, research / development services, products for creative individuals, business, organizations, and government agencies.



                To help our clients achieve their best effectiveness in management, science, product development and exceeding customer expectations.



                Do it right or do it over. Any example that you set for others you set for yourself first. Do not ask or give an order for something that you would not do yourself.



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    Our Newest Product - Kryptonite 3 r4 - 2015

    "Professional / Ultra High Level Protection for Your Files"  


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    We would like to profile one of our products, as the Kanecki Personality Analyzer. the Kanecki Personality Analyzer allows you to determine which individuals work the best with each other. 


    Purchase- Kanecki Personality Analyzer R5 


    Purchase- Kanecki Personality Analyzer R5 

     Purchase- Kanecki Personality Analyzer R5



    Purchase- Kanecki Personality Analyzer R5 



    Purchase- Kanecki Personality Analyzer R5 

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    Kanecki Associates

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