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Information about company. We are a private company located in the United States. Our company’s main areas include, but not limited to, medical diagnostics, security, database/business intelligence, application development tools, and executive/team building tools. Our home office is located in the Milwaukee/Chicago area of the United States. Our management has expertise in medical, management, federal government, and military.

Product Information

Medical diagnostics: We currently have two lines of medical diagnostic products. The flow cytometry diagnostic product can be used in the United States, EU, and world wide. This product allows you to analyze blood samples for various types of test as HIV, Hepatitus, Transplantation, and others. The MIAS (Medical Image Analysis System) is not licensed for clinical use in the US. It can be used for research use in the US. Also, the MIAS can be used for clinical use outside of the US and EU.

Security: Our Kryptonite (originally called KSFAFE) can protect your data on your computer or computer systems. There are three versions available for individual file protection or complete system data protection. In addition, each of the three versions offers simple to advanced levels of security protocols.

Database / Business Intelligence. Our business intelligence series includes programs as Kanecki Prolog 400 (an easy to use dbms with business intelligence and easier cross dbms searching and finding), the Business Intelligence 100 series (which allows you to correlate cause and effect of any action and to predict future actions), the Business Intelligence Series 200 ( which allows to correlate financial information cause and effect and to predict future actions – one study was able to predict the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) up to five days in the future).

Application Development tools. Our development tools allow you to concentrate on the application rather than being bogged down by the programming, it increases your creativity and productivity. The products in this series are Java Game Developer 4 (which allows you to develop a web based adventure game without having to know how to program in Java), Kanecki Categorical Questionnaire Maker (which allows you to develop web based questionnaires to help your customers find products and provide customer service), and the KSKILL (the advanced game developer series which allows you to develop web based adventure programs without have to know Java and include the use of skills obtained or lost in the game)

Executive / Team Building tools. There are three products which team how to build teams using the traditional Western philosophy approach and the Eastern philosophy. The western philosophy approach product is “Stratutiton” which allows you to specify individuals for a team based upon the cognitive and response abilities. In addition, you can use this application to train individuals for a particular project or mission.  The Beta Go 4 and Theta Go 5 are two products to teach Eastern philosophy team building in an area, village, city, or metropolitan area. Like the “Stratuition” you can evaluate individuals for a team and use it to train an individual or team for a project or mission.

Contact Information. Our mailing address is Kanecki Associates Inc, Inc; P.O. Box 866; Kenosha, WI 53141; UNITED STATES. To contact us by email please use our contact page for all inquires, and we respond to our email with 72 hours of receipt.

Support Information. We offer online support via email at our contact page. We will respond to request within 72 hours or sooner.

What computers do our products run on? Our products can run on Windows based computers and can run on Linux, Mac, and Solaris computer with our Java or Webapp versions of our various programs. The minimum requirements to run our programs are 20 MB hard disk space, 512 MB RAM, 1.4 GHZ Processor or faster, mouse, and color display.

What is it like to use the products? Our software is easy to use. I have developed the software with the philosophy that you should be able to use within 5 minutes of installing it. We will setup an area on the website for manuals and visual tutorials to show the software as it operates in the future.

Can I read the website in any language. We are planning to add this feature.

Why our product better? Our software is better because I believe that software should be easy to use and solve problems quickly. Also, I use my own software in my consulting practice, so I try to make my software easy to use for someone who is not a computer programmer. I make the software so everyone can use it with equal ability and a low learning curve time.

What do our products offer? Our product offer the best tools to help you in your work or research. Our products are cost effective with a lower cost of ownership and competitively priced (we pass our savings in efficiency to you in lower cost for our products). Also, we use our products, so we design the products using human factors engineering concepts to make them easier use, increase your productivity, and reduce your stress in using software.

How do your features compare to other companies that offer similar products? Our products are designed to use the most common features, so we avoid having products with excessive features that are rarely used or hard to understand. We optimize our products so that the most common needs are met and can be accomplishment easily, quickly, and in a quality manner (less errors and lower learning curve time).

How does the price of your products compare to other? Our prices are competitive and we pass the savings in efficiency to you in lower cost and lower cost of ownership of the product to you. What this means, we offer quality software at generic prices, a benefit to you and a benefit to us because we can help you.

Can I try the software before I buy it? Yes, we have trial download available, please contact us at dkanecki@yahoo.com

Is the software easy to install? Yes, we have made it very easy to install. In fact, it takes less than 5 minutes to install our products. Once installed, there is an icon on the desktop along with an easy start-up manual on the desktop, and in 5 minutes you are ready to go.

How easy is it to use? Our software is very easy to use. I have made it easy because when I managed a medical research laboratory, I realized it was important that the software could be used right away, as we could not afford to waste time trying to learn how to get results from software.

What are our goals and objectives? Our goals and objectives are to provide quality products that are easy to use and cost effective to our customers. Also, since we use our products too, we strive to make them so that anyone can benefit. In addition, our goal is to help humanitarian causes, as we can, because it is important to remember that all of us live on Planet Earth.

Management Team

Diana Kanecki, DM, MBA, ACS, Bio. Sci.




DM Learner, MBA, ACS, Bio. Sci.

P.O. Box 866 Kenosha, WI 53141 Diana@Kanecki.net



Kanecki.net * KaneckiArt.webs.com * Kanecki.webs.com

DianaKanecki.webs.com & Kanecki.com (Original)

Dynamic and accomplished leader with a track history of exceptional success in the medical, software, and emergency management arenas. Outstanding business communications strategist with expertise in negotiating and developing profitable partnerships / coalitions and securing new business funding / R&D financing from private and federal investors worldwide. Visionary organizational leader, adept at change / operations / project management, product and business development, and manufacturing oversight. World-class professional with extensive experience collaborating with government, regulatory, medical, and multi-national organizations.

Selected Highlights

  • Negotiated multi-million-dollar discount contracts with various biomedical companies.

  • Broke 24-year standoff by achieving coalition with Russia Emergency Management in 1995 as Chairman of Emergency Management and Planning. [Society for Computer Simulation]

  • Successfully managed a $2M per year project to rebuild and recertify FACS (Fluorescent Activated Cell Sorter) Laboratory. [Milwaukee Medical Research Park]

  • Forged a long-term software joint venture with a European Union Medical Company (similar to GE Medical). [Nucletron]

  • Negotiated a pending software Joint Venture with a US company for over 18 years. [Kanecki Associates, Inc.]

  • Secured $8M in long-term research contracts within one year. [Milwaukee Medical Research Park]

  • Produced a software portfolio with first five being marketed.[Kanecki Associates]

  • Generated multi-millions in funding for organization by applying improved practices, and enhanced quality, and results orientation. [Society for Computer Simulation]

  • Drove a potential multi-million in joint venture sales potential with a five-member team. [Kanecki Associates, Inc.]

  • Produced an industrial portfolio with first four being marketed – [DKA Strategic Planning]

  • Produced an e-book portfolio with 63 being marketed -[DKA Strategic Planning]

Areas of Expertise

Expert Intelligence



Medical Research

Human Relations


Accounting / Finance

Operations Management

Organizational Behavior

Business Communications

Business Legal Operations

Statistics / Research Methods


Venture Capital

Portfolio Development

Investment Growth

Intellectual Property

Active Security Clearance (Confidential)



Developer of new business, markets, and investment portfolios

President 1993 to Present

  • Drove new business formation

  • Established business registration (LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp)

  • Initiated and developed venture capital

  • Drove and established new markets and ventures via megacity, geo-economics, etc. along with new product development and horizontal/vertical integration/system thinking

  • Established financial policy

  • Established general counsel policy

  • Expanded markets worldwide including BRIC countries and other areas


Provider and developer of security, medical, and government products and services (primarily software)

Analyst: Computer Infrastructure, Medical, and Financial Sector 2007 to Present


Provider and developer of executive management services, creative services, product development portfolios, and advanced learning through e-book publications.


President 1993 to Present

  • Drove new product development and expanded client base.

  • Effectively liaised with both domestic and European Union companies to cooperate on joint ventures on technology licensing, e-book production and distribution.

  • Developed, managed, and delivered multiple products and services to develop new business opportunities as manufacturing methods portfolio, e-book portfolio, identity theft services, and creative services in fashion and beauty.

  • Developed and expanded online presence, sales, and CRM in all products and services with portals as kaneckiart.webs.com and dianakanecki.webs.com.

  • Initiated bids with companies on, but not limited to, extreme engine operations, major food company for a better way to make pasta quickly, medical products, propulsion, aerospace, plastics, waste processing, and e-waste processing. 5 of 19 cold call bids proceeding to advanced discussions in 2012.


Provider and developer of security, medical, and government products and services (primarily software)

President 1993 to Present

  • Drove a potential joint venture sales with a five-member team

  • Effectively liaised with both domestic and European Union companies to cooperate on joint ventures.

  • Steered communications with FDA and EU to gain approval of medical analysis product.

  • Developed, managed, and delivered multiple products and services to develop new business opportunities.

  • Initiated bids with companies and agencies (21) with consultation in 2012.

  • Steered and expanded medical software presence internationally in Japan and EU in 2012.


Provider of professional and consulting services to multinational government and military organizations and agencies, including FEMA, DOD, Navy, Air Force, and Army

Emeritus Vice President 2000 to Present

Chairman | AVP of Emergency Management 1992 to 1999

  • Broke 24-year standoff by achieving coalition with Russia Emergency Management in 1995.

  • Devised and implemented multinational cooperative activities to share and implement new ideas and strategies; result: improved operations and practices for the United States, European Emergency Management, and others from the EU, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Canada, United State, Finland, and China.

  • Initiated and developed liaison with the President G.H.W. Bush and President Clinton Administrations regarding Natural Emergency Management and Non Natural Emergency Management (including terrorism and Presidential Directive 63).

  • Improved the operations of Emergency Management and Planning by increasing cooperation, reducing/mitigating silos, and coaching leadership.


BS, Applied Computer Science University of Wisconsin, Parkside

BS, Biological Science (Pre-Med) University of Wisconsin

Certificate, Flow Cytometry Becton Dickinson

Certificate, Cellular Biology and Immunology / National Flow Cytometry Resource Los Alamos National Laboratory

MBA, Masters of Business Administration University of Phoenix

D.M., Doctor of Management, Doctoral Candidate, University of Phoenix

Licensed Tax Preparer, Internal Revenue Service, Valid to July 2013

Active Security Clearance, Valid to September 2014