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Adventure Game - Gender Spy

Graphic User Interface




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Adventure Romance


Non-Graphic User Interface with KNext Process

Adventure Romance 

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Gender Spy - A text based Adventure

for Mobile, Tablets, Laptops, and Desktops



Girlfriend Saves Her Boyfriend- A Text Based Adventure

for Mobile, Tablets, Laptops, and Desktops







Our Newest Product - Kryptonite 3 r4 - 2015

"Professional / Ultra High Level Protection for Your Files"  



Try Adventure Game 1 and 2
A Text-Based Game for Laptops / Mobile / Android
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Purchase- Kanecki Personality Analyzer R5


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                        Develop Kiosks and Web Kiosk to Help Your Customers 


                               Purchase - FCS Cytopro 16 r3 for Many Flow Cytometers, Cell Sorters




Isis Development

Open Source Project to Mitigate the Effects of Malware

in Development and in Existing Systems






 Open Source Projects


Isis Development



Epistemological Reasoner / Situational Intelligence


Decision Profile - Priority List Tool


Intelligent, Thinking System Solving


KFlowCytometry Quick Analysis


Kflow Cytometry Open ACS Standard


kryptonite free-file encrytion 2048 bit